Thrillworks, Inc.

Full-Stack Developer

At Thrillworks, I worked with some of Canada's leading brands, such as Tim Hortons, President's Choice, and CIBC. In particular, I was the lead developer on Tim Hortons' Duelling Donuts contest website. It had previously taken the form of a Flash applet in a Facebook application, but in 2014 it was entirely rewritten as a stand-alone website using modern web standards like HTML5.

“In my quest to fill obstinately-vacant positions in my development team I get to interview a lot of talent. That quest occasionally results in an encounter with an exceptional individual. Calum is that individual. I had Calum on my team for a summer term, and the phenomena which started in the interview turned out to be a regular attribute of his contribution. Calum is a truly talented young man with a bright future ahead of him, no matter what he decides to do with it.” Matt Klassen
Technical Director, Thrillworks

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